SCHEDULE (Tentative)

10am Registration, Coffee, Bagels, Music

  • Morning Movement: Wake up your senses and limbs to prepare for creative work
    10:30am Torah: The Spiritual Power of Music
    Based on the teachings of Chassidut

    11am-3pm WORKSHOPS Tentative Schedule with Workshop Descriptions Below

    SESSION I, 11am-12 Noon

    A) What is Jewish Theater? a discussion with orthodox female directors and playwrights, led by Dede Jacobs-Komisar of Jewish Theater Workshop and BaMatMaBat.
    B) Contemporary Dance led by instructor Aviva Belsky
    C) Improvisation Drumming with music therapist Nechama Tarlow

    SESSION II, 12-1pm

    A) Playing with the Elements of Song Learn song composition techniques with Berklee School of Music composition major Esther Leah Marchette
    B) Improv Acting with Tzohar Director and theater educator Amy Guterson
    C) Dance Therapy Discover the power of movement and aesthetic to enable self-actualization and change, with creative therapist Miriam Yerushalmi
    D) Face Painting for Teens

    SESSION III, 1-2pm

    A) Dance Bet Midrash Experience the unique process of Rav Lach Shevet, using movement as a way to find meaning and relevance in Jewish text, with Jewish Dance Company Nishmat HaTzafon
    B) Puppetry: The World of Leah & Levy Experience the art of puppetry with puppet maker and theater artist Michal Selber. Learn how to craft character and story, and understand the relevance of puppetry for Jewish education.
    C) Jewish Visual Art presentation by artist Shoshana Brombacher and Natalia Kadish. Learn brief history of Jewish art and understand the Torah inspiration motivating works of art by religious artists.
    D) Hip Hop for Teens

    SESSION IV, 2-3pm

    A) Theater: Scene By Scene Learn techniques of interpreting and scoring a script, working with actors, and creating the vision you want in a theater production and how to help other actors reach their own potential. Taught by theater educator Jessica Schechter
    B) Dance, Level I: Jazz Dance Workshop Jazz dance class led by Yocheved Polonsky of Creative Learning Institute of Dance, with choreography set to the music of Shaindel Antelis
    C) Dance, Level II: Dance Manifesto Workshop Discover your own dance manifesto and how do you create meaningful work using the elements of space, time, sound and movement. Led by dance educator Reina Potaznik.

    BREAK, 3pm

  • Drum Circle
  • Afternoon energy boost of Fruit & Coffee
  • Find Your Essence - creative work by Tamar Edelstein

    3:30pm Rising Stars: Stellar Performers age 12-16
    Featuring Rebecca Ashkenazy, Esther Berger, Tsippa Marchette, Natali Polonsky, Malka Russell & Chana Leah Yerushalmi

    4:30pm Panel Discussion: Arts Education
    Discuss issues of relevance to cultivating creative thought and skill in today's Jewish community, with contributions by

  • Amy Guterson, Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus & the Arts
  • Yocheved Polonsky, Creative Learning Institute of Dance
  • Chana Singer, Tizmoret Shoshana Summer Program for Girls
  • Reina Potaznik, NYU graduate Dance Education
  • 5:30-6pm Please Wrap Up and Head to Theater!


      Dance Bet Midrash, Rav Lach Shevet: "Lecha Dodi: The Journey Outward NISHMAT HATZAFON
      Rav Lach Shevet, which literally means “you have been sitting for too long” is a Beit Midrash that incorporates movement and mediation into traditional Jewish text study. In a setting that looks more like a yoga study than a traditional study hall, Rav Lach Shevet delves into powerful and thought-provoking Jewish text. Through movement and textual analysis these passages transcend the esoteric and become deeply personal and immensely contemporary. “Lecha Dodi: The Journey Outward” is a workshop that will use dance as a medium through which to study an ancient liturgical text recited at the onset of Shabbat. Participants will have the opportunity to explore this text in depth and grapple with its messages by translating them into movement and allowing movement to expand upon the text. This mode of study will invite participants to form a new connection with Lecha Dodi.
        Scene by Scene: How To Get What You Want JESSICA SCHECHTER
        If you are an actor, director, teacher, or someone who just wants to learn more about how to teach theater, then come be a part of this exciting workshop. Learn how to break down scenes and monologues in a way that’s easy and accessible. We will explore: how to define an objective, what are tactics and physical actions, How to direct actors who are stuck, How to direct and not dictate, learn how to guide without line reading, How can I relate to un-relatable character, What it takes to run a successful acting class.
          Playing with the Elements of Song: A Workshop in Music Composition ESTHER LEAH MARCHETTE
          Workshop emphasizes learning music composition through improvisation. Participants engage in playful improvisation with some of individual elements of song (melody, rhythm, harmony and words) to expand awareness of how they work together and the endless possibilities of variation.
            Choreography: A Dance Manifesto Composition Workshop REINA POTAZNIK
            A Dance Manifesto Composition Workshop, Form and Content through the Written Word workshop is designed to understand and use the choreographic principles of time, space, energy, and design to create dance material. The movement created during this workshop will be inspired by one’s own written dance manifesto.
              Puppetry: The World of Leah & Levy MICHAL MARILYN SELBER
              Morah Michal will take you into the world of puppets where children (as well as the young at heart) can empathize, advise, and learn from the adventures and misadventures of these friends. Learn elements of character development, voice, and content. Create your own characters and scene.
                Improvisational Drumming/Percussion Group NECHAMA TARLOW, Music Therapist
                No Experience Necessary. Tap into your natural rhythm, tune into your innate musicality. Be part of a unique group sound that will evolve in the moment. Exit performance mode, leave all judgements behind, and have fun! You can bring your voice too, just in case you are moved to use it.
                  What is Jewish Theater? A Discussion Led by DEDE JACOBS-KOMISAR
                  A panel discussion with theater artists on what defines Jewish theater. Does a piece have to be explicitly about Jews in order to be “Jewish”? Are we called to create theater as Jewish women, especially with the difficulties the performing arts industry poses to Orthodox practice? How do we make it work, and what, if anything, can we do to influence the theater landscape?
                    Dance Therapy, a workshop with MIRIAM YERUSHALMI
                    Demonstration and workshop of how learning Torah in combination with movement can bring healing. Miriam presents a Torah theme based on the elements of air, earth, fire and water through movement, music and aesthetic, explains the kavannah behind each choice. Participants actively engage in her movements to physically process the Torah concept, leading to self-actualization and change.
                      The Artwork of SHOSHANA BROMBACHER & NATALIA KADISH
                      Learn the motivations, processes and themes behind significant and moving works of art by observant Jewish visual artists, and how their learning and spiritual thought inform their work.
                        Jazz Dance Workshop with YOCHEVED & NATALI POLONSKY
                        Technique and exhilaration! Learn new, original choreography to the music of Shaindel Antelis!
                          Teens: Hip Hop
                          Work it out.
                            TORAH: The Spirigual Power of Music & Dance with MIRIAM YERUSHALMI
                            Torah insights on the power of music and dance based on Chassidus that will be mainly based on work “Inner Rhythms” by Rav Pinson and discourses of the Rashab.