ATARA Journal

ATARA, The Arts & Torah Association for Religious Artists, promotes creative and performing arts expression within the framework of Jewish religious law. Our journal will be a forum for academic research, current events, artist profiles, and opinion pieces relating to the creative and performing arts as this field intersects with Jewish text, law, history, practice, or community. Articles by both women and men are welcomed. Reprints and photographs are accepted.

ATARA is a developing organization and, at this time, will not be able to compensate authors. However, authors maintain copyright and are free to publish their work elsewhere, including before it appears in the ATARA journal.

The ATARA journal will be online. Our goal is to achieve a hard copy journal as well, which will include a selection of the articles accepted to the online journal.

Queries and submissions to:
Toby Klein Greenwald, Editor

POB 1230 Efrat, 90435 Israel
Phone in Israel: 0523-822104
Phone from abroad: 972-523-822104