2009 Arts for Women Conference - Nov 19-23, 2009


Observant Women in the Creative, Performing & Media Arts

Motzei Shabbat, Nov 21 7:30pm Art Exhibit 8:30pm Performance
Sunday Night, Nov 22 7:30pm Performance

  • Performances in Music, Dance & Comedy
  • Learn about the range of programs and theater in the observant world
  • Be uplifted through the arts according to Torah values...
    Over 20 Performances EACH NIGHT!!

    MOTZEI SHABBAT Highlights...

    • RACHEL FACTOR - Dance performance
    • SHAINDEL ANTELIS - indie rock - www.myspace.com/shaindel
    • BRACHA ADREZIN - opera vocalist
    • RIVKA NAHARI - classical piano / opera
    • The Brava Women's Ensemble of Brooklyn - women's choir
    • SHEVA RAICHMAN - dance performance
    • AMY GUTERSON - Master of Ceremonies
    • Learn about arts training programs & the work of theater companies around the globe
    • Visual Art Exhibit and Craft Vendors
    • AND MORE...

    SUNDAY NIGHT Highlights...

    • The PENI-NOTES - Women's Choir of Teaneck
    • Comedienne ELANA GREENSPAN, Master of Ceremonies!
    • RIVKA LOMIANSKY - Indie-Rock
    • Yocheved Polonsky - dance
    • Reina Potaznik - dance
    • and many more.

    SUNDAY, NOV 22 10am-4:30pm
    Classes in Music, Movement & Theater

    9-11am Registration and Coffee
    10-10:50 Morning Movement. FLOW: The Foundation of Movement in languages of choreography and yoga.

    11-11:50 SESSION I

    • Dance Fusion - Torah concepts fused with a mix of dance styles & FUN!
    • Music Therapy 101 - Tips & Techniques
    • Acting 101 - Improv, Games & More!

    12-12:50 SESSION II

    • Using Theater to Teach Children - Learning "As If" they were there
    • Ear Training & Harmony Skills
    • Modern Dance with Keri Roth!
    • Acting for Film - From Script to Screen: Role of the Actor

    LUNCH & OPEN MIC Show Your Stuff!

    1:50-3pm SESSION III

    • MASTER CLASS with HENYE MEYER & TOBY GREENWALD: Scriptwriting & Producing - Cover-to-Cover Production Manual for a Community Musical, with perspectives from theater directors from ISRAEL & ENGLAND
    • Bollywood Dance - Indian and other ethnic styles as seen in Indian films
    • Advanced Scene Study for Teens - with Rivka Lomiansky of Neshama Theatre
    • Vocal Training with Bracha Adrezin - Breathing & Vocalizing Techniques from the world's leading vocalists

    3:10-4:30 SESSION IV

    • DANCE AS A VEHICLE FOR SPIRITUALITY - with RACHEL FACTOR of Machol Shel Bnos Miriam, Jerusalem Women's Center for Theater Arts
    • STORYTELLING - with PENNINAH SCHRAM, world reknowned Storyteller

    4:30pm - Hoola Hooping Lessons with YOCHI
    5:00pm - "Becoming Rachel" a film by Amy Guterson, with Q & A
    5:00pm - Learn about the Bialystoker Shul
    5:30pm - Walking Tour of the Lower East Side
    6:00pm - Dinner on the Lower East Side

    ***7:30pm Performance***

    Schedule subject to change / may be updated.



    From Script to Stage to Screen: Creating a Musical for Your Community
    What is involved in writing a play for the Jewish community? Covering both hashkafic and practical issues, such as rabbinic approval, avoiding clichés, humor, stagecraft, amateur verses professional, problems in casting, budget and funding, venues, behind the scenes support, and creating and distributing a DVD! Includes reading list for further study. Learn perspectives of theater directors from Gush Etzion, Israel and England.

    Kernels of a Pomegranate: The Art of Storytelling
    Stories have the power to transform and inspire. With our voices, we can create bonds and lasting memories between people while we transmit Jewish values and traditions. In this workshop, Peninnah Schram will explore the power of storytelling and what makes a story Jewish, discuss theatre and storytelling, illustrate effective storytelling and share techniques for telling through non-threatening participatory creative dramatic exercises. We will also work through the process of learning a story and integrating stories within the classroom and in your life.

    Using Theater Arts to Teach Torah to Children
    Explore the role of drama in engaging children in learning Torah. Understand use of theater games, pantomime and rhyme. Learn about the teaching model of “Keelu,” – “as if” you were a character, understanding characters and text through the use of drama.

    Vocal Release for Growth and Transformation
    Powerful breathing and vocalizing techniques of the world's greatest opera singers. Every woman can use these techniques to release stress, feel revitalized, and connect emotionally and spiritually. Singers can transform their voices with this approach, yet all women can connect with their inner power and catalyze their growth. Experiential, safe, and fun!

    Bollywood Dance
    Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, kathak, classical, Indian folk, and western popular, modern, and jazz. South Asia traces an unbroken tradition of linking theatre, music, and dance to the 2nd century BCE.


    Shabbat, Nov 20-21
    The Lower East Side of Manhattan

  • Oneg and Musical Seudat Shlishit for women
  • Torah on the topic of Arts & Music
  • Improv Acting Games
  • Hanging out with creative women with a Torah lifestyle!
  • MONDAY Nov 23
    Discussion with Industry leaders - Issues for Observant Jews in the Arts
    Gender * Secular Content * Compensation * Arts in Education * More
    For involvement as an artist/industry professional: conference@artsandtorah.org

    5:10pm - The House on Riverside. Two young girls learn the value of honesty and hard work. Set in 1930's NY. 74 min.
    6:50pm - The Chairlady. A comedy about the life of a woman struggling between community recognition and home life.
    9pm - Q & A with Filmmakers Panel
    9:30pm - Diamonds in the Dust. During an archeological dig of 2009, we return to ancient Israel just before the Churban Sheni.

    CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: http://atara2009.eventbrite.com

    Conference Prices

    • ECONOMY Full Conference $118
    • VIP Sponsor Package $220

    Per Diem

    • Performances: $20 General Admission, $36 VIP Seating, Beverages
      $15 students and families 3+
    • Classes: $15/class, $25 Master Class
    • Full-day Sunday Workshops: $50
    • Monday at the Movies: $13/First movie, each additional movie $5

    To volunteer, contact conference@artsandtorah.org


    Bracha Adrezin, A native of Maine, has been part of the prestigious Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, trained under world renowned maestros at the Vienna State Opera, developed expertise in traditional Italian Bel Canto singing, and received advanced training in psychology and psychotherapy from the University of Vienna. She became a specialist in the music of Puccini and Verdi. As a professional opera singer in Europe, Bracha used to perform extensively as a concert soloist for grand balls in ancient castles. Bracha sings in English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, and Italian. She also composes her own music. Bracha and her husband reside in Portland, Oregon, but is available for workshops and concerts nationally. After studying many forms of body/mind healing, Bracha had a successful practice of vocal therapy, specializing in assisting women in releasing their inner power and joy through deep voice/breath release and movement. [Motzei Shabbat]

    Shaindel Antelis has been singing ever since she learnt how to talk, and started writing her own songs at ten years old. From when she was a young girl she dreamed about releasing an album of her own. Well that day has finally come. Shaindel recorded a five song demo when she was seventeen years old, but she was still developing her own style and sound. Soon after, Shaindel went to Israel for the year not knowing what the future held. Her life took a turn for the better and she was inspired by the amazing classes and incredible experiences she had. She fell in love with Israel at first sight! Shaindel’s songwriting was in full swing, she kept filling up pages and pages of songs in her notebook. The fun didn’t stop there. Shaindel wanted to reach out and inspire others with her music. She grabbed her guitar (covered with flowers and butterflies:) and performed in different venues around Israel. Shaindel came back from Israel and went straight into the studio to start recording her debut album “Heart And Soul”. The album was a family affair. Her father Moshe Antelis played bass, guitar, and arranged the album. Shaindel’s brother Jake Antelis produced, mixed, and played drums on the album. “Heart And Soul” has thirteen songs written by Shaindel with a pop/rock feel and meaningful messages. The title “Heart And Soul” represents the idea of bringing spirituality into every day life. With songs ranging from the pursuit of happiness, connecting to G-D, and getting through hard times, there is definitely something for everyone! Shaindel is currently in the US recording a second album and playing shows at Highschools, bat mitzvahs and private parties. Visit Shaindelantelis.com for more info! [Motzei Shabbat]

    Ayelet HaShachar, featuring Lisa Aronson Friedman, Shalomis Koffler Weinreb, and Stephanie Rabinowitz performs original Jewish music by women for women. The group is known for its soul-stirring themes, tight three-part vocal harmonies and melodic guitar and piano arrangements. The trio draws on a lifetime’s worth of experience and musical backgrounds that include classical, jazz, folk, musical theatre and Jewish music. Before becoming Torah observant, the women each developed expertise in their creative fields and now draw on their extensive backgrounds to reach Jewish women around the world. Lisa, on keyboards and vocals, is a classically trained pianist and as a student at Oberlin College, sung with the Oberlin College Chorus. Shalomis, on vocals and guitar, has been a professional musician most of her adult life, including producing and recording her own CDs, as well as touring nationally and internationally. Stephanie, on vocals and guitar, studied voice, theatre, and movement at New York’s Circle-in-the-Square Studio, and worked in theatre in New York City and Baltimore. Ayelet HaShachar has performed in numerous venues, including the Chol Hamoed Sukkos Women's Concert at Brooklyn College, as well as in Philadelphia, Silver Spring, Baltimore and Eretz Yisrael. Ayelet HaShachar’s songs have been known to bring light, strength, joy and comfort to many listeners. Their music is a dynamic, uplifting expression of eternal Jewish themes, resonating with meaning for our times. Ayelet HaShachar ‘s debut CD, Ohr Chadash, was released in February 2005. Since then, the group has composed many more original compositions, and is currently working on a second CD. [Motzei Shabbat]

    Katia Bolotin, a pianist, composer, arranger and vocalist, is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and The Cleveland Institute of Music. She holds a Master’s degree in musicology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She lectures and performs both nationally and internationally. She is the founder of “One Voice,” a movement committed to inspiring spiritual growth among Jewish women and girls, through motivational lectures and musical events. [Sunday PM]

    Chava was born and grew up in Chelsea. Both her parents were involved in music professionally- her father taught high school music and her mother played in orchestras locally. From an early age, Chava studied choir and piano, but immediately loved guitar. She was influenced by folk, rock, classical, popular and jazz. She led a band, recorded an album of her songs, and played, performed and recorded with many other artists. She toured extensively in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Once she discovered Yiddishkeit, she was drawn more and more into a Jewish way of life, and now only performs for women. [Motzei Shabbat]

    Miriam Leah Droz studied musical theater under Kenneth Gargaro, the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, Carnegie Mellon pre-college, and Penn State University musical theater BFA program, and performed leading roles throughout high school and college. In 1999, Miriam halted her pursuit of performing arts for commitment to religion. In 2006, within her new religious framework, she directed a musical for women only, A, My Name is Alice, coordinated a showcase for Professional Women’s Theater, and began the formation of ATARA. She has chaired the 2007 & 2008 conferences, and most recently, directed a women’s only feature film, The House on Riverside. She has written and is currently directing an original musical about lives of women in the orthodox community. [Motzei Shabbat]

    ALL THE WAY FROM ERETZ YISRAEL, Dancer-Playwright-Teacher
    Rachel Factor is a Kollel wife and mother who makes her home in Eretz Israel. Her journey from Hawaii, where she was born, to Los Angeles and then New York as a singer, dancer and actress and finally to her home in Yerushalayim is chronicled in the acclaimed one-woman show entitled “J.A.P.” which has been touring worldwide. Her extensive experience as a professional performer for over 20 years has included 8 years on Broadway, over 40 television and print commercial clients, numerous MTV music videos, television and film appearances, and performances at the Radio City Music Hall as a World Famous Rockette. She founded a writing/performance group in New York which played to sold-out crowds, starred in several Shakespearean classics and directed plays and readings in the Off-Off Broadway realm. [Motzei Shabbat, Workshop]

    Elana Greenspan is a writer, composer and performer living in Passaic, NJ. She organized the original Women's Open Mike Nights in Jerusalem and New York, has authored a children's book published by Simon & Schuster, a musical which has been licensed for production at girls' schools nationwide, as well as written numerous essays online (aish.com, under the name Alexa Witt, and elsewhere) and composed many songs. During the summer, Elana directs music at Camp Raninu. [MC, Sunday PM]

    ALL THE WAY FROM ERETZ YISRAEL, Dancer-Playwright-Teacher
    Toby Klein Greenwald is the theatrical director of the all female Raise Your Spirits Summer Stock Company that operates out of Israel , and a founding partner of Bible Arts Productions, in which capacities she has co-authored and directed the musicals Esther and the Secrets in the King's Court, Noah! Ride the Wave!, Ruth & Naomi in the Fields of Bethlehem, In Search of Courage, and Devora (in process). She is the producing director of the Dor L'Dor Interactive Theater Troupe and has worked in Playback Theater for six years, having trained under the masters in Israel and abroad. She was the first trainer of the Gush Etzion Playback troupe, directs women's Playback troupes in Ramat Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem , and lectures in Playback Theater in the Institute for Expressive Therapists of Jerusalem College for Women. She is the translator of In the Land of Prayer, the editor of The Golden Pens of Gush Etzion, a journalist and a teacher of Creative Writing and Literature. She is the recent recipient of the Yaakov Egerest Memorial Award for Jewish Culture, of the Torah Culture Department of Israel's Ministry of Education, for her work in educational, community and Jewish theater.

    Amy (Gordon) Guterson has her BA from Stern College, Yeshiva University, where she was the school’s first theatre major. She studied acting with Uta Hagen, and Mike Nichols, and has trained intensively in improvisation with Paul Sills. Amy is a graduate of The New Actors Workshop, a graduate level program in acting. A member of Actor’s Equity, Amy performed Off- Broadway before returning to observance. Now living in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and four children (ages 3-15), Amy has found new ways to express her creativity and skills. Twelve years ago she co-founded the Kol Isha Theatre group which consists of Jewish women from across the spectrum of Judaism. As Artistic Director for the group, Amy has taught acting and improvisation and directed play development for most of the group’s original productions and workshops (based on issues of Jewish womanhood and Jewish unity / disunity). She also has written and directed some of the groups full length plays, trigger scenes and workshops. Amy wrote, directed and produced the film “Becoming Rachel”, which premiered at the Pittsburgh Jewish/Israeli Film Festival and has been screened at festivals across the country (and currently in Israel). She also performs with Pittsburgh Playback Theatre, which “plays back” its audience’s stories and feelings through improvisation. Amy can be seen on screen as Agent Emes’ mother in the Agent Emes video series. [MC, Motzei Shabbat]

    Kari Isaacson has performed and trained in modern dance and contact improvisation across Canada . She has danced since childhood, studying a variety of contemporary styles as well as musical theatre, tap, jazz, ballet, stilt walking and acting. Kari has also worked as a stage manager and in theatre publicity, production and administration for companies both large and small in Toronto including Livent Inc. Kari is a founding member of the Toronto dance and performance collective Koleinu, creating weekly dance classes for Jewish women, and an annual performance fundraiser. Kari is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner having studied under a number of Moshe Feldenkrais’ original students. She currently practices Feldenkrais in Toronto, teaching people of all abilities how to improve the quality of their lives by improving the quality of their movement. www.improvehowyoumove.com [Sunday PM]

    Tziporah Miriam Halperin, Mezzo-soprano, has appeared in concert and in a wide range of opera roles with companies around the U.S. including the Caramoor Festival, West Bay Opera in Palo Alto, Opera Theater of Connecticut, and the Sanibel Festival. Noted especially for her dramatic flair and stylistic versatility, she enjoys bringing music of all kinds to concert audiences, as well as teaching voice in her Upper West Side studio. Her website is www.singingisforeveryone.com. [Sunday PM]

    Leah Levy is a new up and coming filmmaker. Her films capture her struggles, adventures and fears as she journeyed into frumkite. After receiving a Bachelor's of Art's in Sociology from the University of Louisville, Kentucky, she came to New York and worked in music. With a background in theatre, drumming (middle eastern and african drums), and turning her back on a possible career in disc jockeying for religion, she decided to earn an Associate's in Occupational Studies in Video Production at the Art Institute of New York City received June 2008. This decision to follow her creative side was inspired by her grandmother and grandfather's influences on her in art and spirituality. Therefore, her first Experimental Film "Chumatz" was completed in their memory. "Engaged" is her last project completed in 2008. [Workshop]

    Rivka Lomiansky has been a professional performer for over 15 years and has a tremendous amount of training in acting, dance and voice. She has studied at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, as well as at the Toronto-based comedic workshop Second City and with top coaches in Los Angeles. Rivka began singing classically at a young age, and has taken a wide range of dance lessons since the age of three, from jazz, ballet and tap to hip hop. Rivka has appeared in feature films, played leading and supporting roles in T.V series, and has been seen in many commercials. She has performed song and dance in concert all over Canada and the United States, also making many T.V and radio appearances debuting those talents. Rivka is a co-founder of Koleinu, a women’s dance troupe from Toronto. She is also currently running Toronto’s first musical theatre program for Torah-observant girls, called Neshama Theatre Troupe. The program has a strong focus on creativity and positive body image and culminates in a full-scale theatre production. www.neshamatheatre.com [Sunday PM]

    ALL THE WAY FROM MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, Author-Playwright-Director
    Henye Meyer, a writer and theatre director in Manchester, England, has two published novels and an upcoming work to appear shortly as a serial in Hamodia. She has written articles for the BBC, Jewish Observer, Jewish Tribune, and the Jewish Homemaker, as well as comedy routines and eight full length plays and musical comedies. In 2005, she and a friend founded a women’s theater group in Manchester, PACE. She has produced as well as performed in its plays, written some of the music, edited two DVD's and designed their packaging, and is responsible for business management of the company. Her work has been very warmly received by the local community. She holds a BA from Brandeis and has training in writing, speech and drama, voice, and music transcription. Henye works part-time and is a grandmother. [Workshop]

    Rivka Nahari has had many years of training and performing experience in both music and dance. She began her ballet training at the age of 3 and studied in the pre-professional program at the Academy of Nevada Dance Theater where she continued until her graduation from high school at age 17. While at the Academy, she performed yearly in the "Nutracker" ballet and "Cinderella" with the Nevada Dance Theater professional company and danced in numerous performances with the Academy of Nevada Dance Theater Youth Company. She then continued her dance studies at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). In addition to ballet, she has been trained in tap (under the legendary hoofer Henry LeTang), jazz, character, flamenco, and hip hop. Musically, Rivka has been playing the harp professionally since the age of 13. She has performed with almost every orchestra in Las Vegas and played the harp and celleste for the "Nutracker" ballet. She was a piano major at UNLV while on a full harp scholarship and a voice major at the Mannes College of Music in Manhattan. She has also studied flute and has extensive experience in choir, performing in many of the hotels in Las Vegas and singing back-up for such notable artists as Barry Manilow and Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family. [Sunday PM]

    The PeniNote Choir, Directed by Batya M. Harris, is wonderfully varied group of women in the ny metropolitan area who love to sing and make others happy through music. We learn vocal exercises, breathing techniques, beautiful harmonies and we have a blast!!! Rolling admissions - feel free to join us anytime!

    Yocheved Polonsky, dancer and dance educator founded the CLI institute of dance, in Cleveland, Ohio, a Judaic dance and movement arts studio, to provide a holistic Jewish enviroment for the study of dance. The creation of CLI was inspired by her sincere desire to integrate the beauty of movement with the lofty spiritual messages and values of Torah, which was lacking in the local dance community. Her studio provides fun, dynamic classes in creative movement, ballet, Jazz, Pilates and Aleph Beis movement meditation, for women only. She travels worldwide to share her inspiration and vision through her workshops and performances: her belief that every person can utilize their natural talents and gifts to praise and connect with Hashem. [Sunday PM]

    Elisheva Raichman is a freshman at The University of Houston. She began dancing ballet at the age of six, at the JCC of Houston, TX. She continued to dance even after leaving home to attend a religious boarding school for girls in Florida. In Florida, Elisheva has danced with Ballet Elite and U4ria dance studios taking lyrical, modern, jazz and contemporary dance as well as ballet. She has choreographed dances for her school productions and taught ballet to the elementary girls of Hebrew Academy in Margate, Florida. A year ago, Elisheva attended Rachel Factor's summer dance intensive, performing for the women of Jerusalem. Elisheva continues to take dance classes in a tsnius environment and looks for oportunities for religious women to express their talents. She now teaches dance at Torah Day School in Houston, Tx. and has started taking Bollywood dance. She hopes to start her own dance company one day and open a highschool for the performing arts for religious girls. [Motzei Shabbat]

    Keri Roth (nee Saltzman) has over 20 years of experience in the dance world, has taught throughout Toronto, competed and performed internationally, and has extensive training in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, and flamenco. Keri’s energetic approach to teaching fosters a safe, fun and challenging environment for her students to develop as dancers and as individuals. She is also proud to be a part of the Neshama Theatre Troupe staff and the Founder of “Keri’s Dancin’ Kids – Energized Entertainment,” specializing in Birthday Parties and Special Events for Children. [Workshop]

    Leslie Ruder spent ten years stage managing, casting, and producing plays off-Broadway and in regional theatres, followed by ten years of an acting career, with training from the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, the Walnut Street Theatre School and the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia, and with private coaches in Los Angeles. Leslie now teaches acting to women of all ages and backgrounds in private classes, as well as at seminaries and Israeli girls' high schools. She is a published playwright, and continues to work on a one-woman show. Favorite roles include Ariel in The Tempest, and Genendel in Isaac Bashevis Singer's Teibele and Her Demon. A "specialist" in improvisational interactive theatre, she originated the roles of the Bar Mitzvah boy's mother in Bernie's Bar Mitzvah, and the mother of the kallah in A Match Made in Manhattan. [Workshop]

    Miriam Sandler never planned on becoming a professional singer but at the tender age of 18, she began touring as a background singer/dancer with numerous American and Hispanic recording artists. After receiving a Jazz Vocal Performance degree from the world renowned program at the University of Miami, she was chosen to join Jon Secada and Gloria Estefan for concert tours and TV/ video apperances. Her experience on stage was paralleled by her recording career as she accompanied James Brown and Julio Iglesias on their CD's and was consistenly demoing material for Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Toni Braxton. Miriam's fast- paced lifestyle left her hungary for depth and direction and eventually, she found her way to Neve Yerushalayim, Israel. Presently, she is promoting her debut CD, "The Solution" and performing exclusively for women who are deeply moved by her heartfelt lyrics and unforgettable journey of a life of glamour and fame to one of clarity and Holiness.

    Marilyn Golomb Selber (Morah Michal), a practicing attorney, is a graduate of Stern College for Women, of Yeshiva University, and New York University School of Law. She has studied at Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration of Yeshiva University and has studied drama at Herbert Berghof Studio in Greenwich Village. She has been a classroom teacher in Limudei Kodesh and has brought K’eelu:Torah Theater to schools, Jewish centers and, for the past six years, to Camp Regesh in Monsey, New York. Ms. Selber also gives teacher training sessions in K’eelu. [Workshop]

    Chana Shavelson received her vocal training from Elizabeth Coss, a former principal artist with the Metropolitan Opera; Mark Aliapoulios, at the Boston University School for the Arts; and Miriam Meltzer, at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music. Chana has attended the Tanglewood Institute and appeared in operas and musicals in the Boston area. She has given five concerts of Yiddish music, and will be performing a new repertoire of Israeli folk music this spring. "Zing!" her album of Yiddish music, is available at MostlyMusic.com.

    Miriam Sherr is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Laguardia High School for the Performing Arts, the mother of B’H nine children and numerous grandchildren. She is ATARA’s first office member.

    Peninnah Schram, well-known storyteller & author, is Professor of Speech and Drama at Yeshiva University’s Stern College. Vibrantly elegant in her storytelling, she tells Jewish stories of wisdom and wit. Her latest book is an illustrated anthology, THE HUNGRY CLOTHES AND OTHER JEWISH FOLKTALES (Sterling Publ.) and a CD, THE MINSTREL & THE STORYTELLER, with singer/guitarist Gerard Edery (Sefarad Records). Peninnah is a recipient of a Covenant Award for Outstanding Jewish Educator and the 2003 National Storytelling Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Aviva Speigel co-directs Chabad House Jewish Student Center at the University of Oregon with her husband Rabbi Asi. Aviva received her degree in Human Biology from Stanford University with a concentration in Psycho-Bio-Social Aspects of Identity and Expression and what should have been a minor in Contact Improvisation Dance, which she took almost every quarter of her university career! The techniques, format, and endless playful exercises of the school of Contact Improvisation Dance have been fundamental in the formation of her workshops. Trained as a competitive gymnast and a pianist, and an avid skiier, Aviva's passion remains with dance, music, and pushing her limits in harmony with the natural world. Before opening Chabad in Eugene, She organized and ran creative art and movement workshops for women and girls and two successful all women's performances in Jerusalem and New York. Her journey to Yiddishkeit began with her intense interest in holisitic healing, which led to several grants to research concepts of Jewish health and healing in Israel, and ultimately a thesis for University. This research project opened up the path for Aviva to delve more deeply into her Jewish roots. A passion for healing and personal transformation as well as an unwavering mission of spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus forms the central motivation for the creation of her classes and workshops for women. [Workshop]


    142 Broome Street, NY, NY, 10002. The cross streets are Pitt and Ridge. Pitt Street connects to Grand street. Broome is a one way street which you cannot turn onto from Pitt. Coming from the FDR drive (traveling west), continue down Grand to Clinton, turn right onto Clinton, then right onto Broome and proceed to the BY.

    Two fenced in parking lots on Broome Street around Norfolk and Clinton. One can go down Grand until Essex, then make a right on Essex, a right on Broome, and the parking lots will be on your left. This is about 2 blocks from the school.
    Indoor lot on the corner of Delancey and Columbia. Angle parking on both sides of Delancey St. (the street that goes under the Williamsburg bridge) Alternate side parking on Friday lasts from 9-10:30. If arriving Friday morning, park in a lot until 10:15 and then look for street parking on Delancey for the weekend.

    General directions:

    • From New Jersey: GWB to FDR Drive south, take Grand Street exit, and turn right onto Grand Street.
    • From Newark: Holland Tunnel to West Street, around Battery Park to FDR drive North, exit at Houston Street, go around traffic circle and back 1 block to Delancey, or back 2 blocks to Grand.
    • From Brooklyn: BQE to Brooklyn Bridge or Battery Tunnel, follow signs for FDR Drive North, exit at Houston Street, go around traffic circle and back one block for delancey, or back 2 blocks to Grand.
    • From JFK: Van Wyck to LIE to Midtown tunnel, left onto 32nd or 34th, right onto FDR drive south, right at Grand Street exit.

    By subway: F,J,M,Z to Delancey/Essex stop. Can walk about 7 minutes to the BY (see map) Walk down Delancey to Ridge, turn right onto Ridge, then left onto broome. Or you can transfer to the M14 bus at southwest corner of Delancey and Essex. This will take you down Essex to Grand, then turn on Grand and go to the Pitt Street stop. Cross over grand and go down Pitt Street to Broome.

    Google Map Link

    Any further directions questions call Shira Romm at 212-539-1220.

    This conference was funded in part by a grant from the Open Meadows Foundation