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College & Seminary

College & Seminary Programs for the Arts

Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus and the Arts  – Pittsburgh, PA

Tzohar provides a gap-year orthodox women’s seminary environment where talented young women engage in profound Jewish learning and are empowered to express their thoughts and feelings through various artistic forms. By the end of the school year, in addition to Jewish learning, students have a developed an artistic skill set.  In the past five years, Tzohar graduates have gone on to study creative writing and journalism, film studies and animation, and have become professional photographers, artists and singer/songwriters. Our Tzohar students are in the forefront of a movement to make creative expression a vital part of Jewish communities everywhere.

Ron Shulamit Conservatory  – Har Nof, Israel

With branches in Har Nof, Bet Hakerem and Rehavia, Ron Shulamit is the premiere music and dance conservatory in Jerusalem.  B.Ed in Music Education, Ensembles, Orchestras and more!  In cooperation with the Levinsky Teachers’ College in Tel Aviv,Ron-Shulamit offers a three-year course of study for young orthodox women, which awards a B.Ed. degree, recognized by the Israeli Institute of Higher Education and the Thomas Edison College in the US. This is the only program in Israel to offer a university degree in a setting appropriate for ultra-orthodox women and it differs from the other programs for religious women which only award a teaching certificate. The Ron Shulamit-Levinsky College program trains musicians in specific musical instruments, as well as providing them with a background in music theory, music history, conducting, improvisation, and choir. Our program provides these women with a higher education, a marketable career, and economic independence.  The BA is granted by Levinsky College but all coursework takes place t the Conservatory.  To enroll in the Levinsky B.Ed program you must already have a teacher’s certificate and completed Bagrut.  For students who do not have a bagrut, we offer a combined bagrut/BA program.

Rimon College of Music – Ramat HaSharon (Tel Aviv), Israel  

In Connection with Berklee College of Music, Boston

Rimon is Israel’s largest independent professional music school for the advanced study of contemporary music. More than 500 students and 100 faculty members work in this creative environment, which is designed to provide the most comprehensive music learning experience possible. The school’s goal is to educate and train its students to have successful and enriching careers in music.  The school’s mission is to educate its students toward realizing their personal musical goals. Through a dynamic curriculum and guided by highly motivated and professional faculty, Rimon is dedicated to helping young musicians excel in their passion for making music.  Rimon offers a three-year program and offers eight majors: composition and arranging, film scoring, songwriting, jazz performance, general performance, music production and engineering, music education, and an advanced jazz performance track at the Rimon Jazz Institute. The Rimon International Music Program is an opportunity for students from abroad to attend the school for one year and to be a part of the lively educational atmosphere, allowing them to take skills learned back to their home countries or to further their studies at Rimon.

Emunah College of Arts & Technology – Baka (Jerusalem), Israel

The Emunah Appleman College of Arts & Technology, located in Baka, Jerusalem, offers a unique learning opportunity for religious young women to earn a degree in the fields of: fine arts, graphic design, drama and Holocaust studies, in an environment steeped in Religious Zionist values.  It is a unique academic institution, boasting over 500 students. The College is the only place in the world where an observant young woman can earn a degree in the teaching of fine arts, graphic design or, theater studies, while remaining faithful to her religious convictions. The 4 year B.Ed program of career-oriented studies, enables these young women to become economically independent and productive citizens, experts in their field and highly qualified teachers. They are renowned for their professionalism and are indeed sought after by schools, private companies and public institutions throughout Israel.

Artzi – Gap Year Program – Jerusalem, Israel. Co-Ed

Artzi combines the Arts, Judaism and Israel in a way that allows students to deepen their connection to Judaism and their inner selves, hike and volunteer all over Israel while developing their artistic talents. Artzi offers 4 arts tracks: Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual/Fine arts where students get to work alongside famous artists to create a professional portfolio and explore their talents.  Artzi is co-ed and pluralistic, allowing students to learn in an open environment, challenge themselves to fully reach their potential and have fun! Artzi also runs alongside True Spirit, the artistic Israeli pre-army academy, which allows students to really integrate into Israeli society, learn high level Hebrew, and make new international friendships.  Northern Hemisphere gap year- Aug 27th- May 31st.  Southern Hemisphere gap year- Feb 4th- Oct. 28th