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Noteworthy News Jan 2018


COLLABORATION!!! Franciska Kay Recording Artist and Raquella Raiz Hallelu Hip Hop Dance Troupe

Watch video here

Thank you to Raquella Raiz, Imbar Marshall and all the dancers from Halelu Hip Hop Troupe in Jerusalem for collaborating on this amazing project. Follow Raquella on Instagram. Download Franciska’s entire album.



New Guests this month! Jessica Schechter, Sarah Dukes, Ayelet HaShachar Band, and rising star Rivky Saxon!


Maayan Haller – New Dance Company!

Hi! I am a Jewish, orthodox dancer, choreographer and instructor who caters to women of all backgrounds. I am so excited to introduce my new professional dance page with my fellow artists!


Franciska Kay featured in Jewess Magazine!!


Hidden: The Musical! Music Arrangements in process!

HELP US tell the epic story of the secret Jews of Spain. Our script is ready, now it’s time to arrange our melodies into song for the upcoming musical “HIDDEN: The Secret Jews of Spain.” We started arranging the first song today, and we are thrilled. We need your help to finish arranging it, and continue with our 15 other songs.🎶  Your contribution – of any amount – makes these songs come alive and this story real. HIDDEN will be presented by The Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem and OU IsraelI Y”H in November 2018.]


Tzivia Kay new music video!


Leviim Art Gallery in Crown Heights! 271 Kingston!


Choir of women from Samaria – music video and article

Hallel, a choir made up of women from Samaria, releases their rendition of Omer Adam’s hit song ‘Modeh Ani’.



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